Our focus is success and achievement for all. 

This occurs when...

- The ākonga-learner is at the centre of all decisions made 

- There is a collaborative vision for excellence in education in the school 

- We have high expectations of learning, ākonga-learners, kaiako-teachers and leadership

- A school culture of pride, mana, excellence and enjoyment exists 

- The school values Te Ao Māori, Te Tiriti ō Waitangi and is inclusive and values all members of the learning community

- Ongoing self-review and development for staff leads to quality outcomes for learners

- The school is effectively resourced, managed and led

- The school values partnerships with parents/whānau, Iwi, the community and Kāhui Ako ECEs/Schools

Learning at Omanu School is…

- Purposeful, collaborative, challenging and fun

- Relational underpinned by strong partnerships between whanau, parents, children and staff. “Know me and you can teach me”

- Authentic in context and integrated across learning areas

- Personalised and differentiated. Teaching and learning are differentiated to meet the needs of all learners

- Developmental. Ākonga-learners-learners progress and achievement are monitored and informs future learning 

- Informed by the student's voice. Kaiako as facilitators recognise learner’s needs, interests, aspirations and preferred ways of learning and involve students in the process of planning learning pathways, goal setting and reflecting on learning

- Inclusive allowing children to develop a positive identity of self and sense of belonging

- Supportive providing focussed learning and programmes for ākonga-learners with additional needs

- Active. Physical fitness, activity and being a part of a sports group

- Environment focussed. We care about the present and the future of our environment and our planet

- Broad and Balanced.  Being future-focused, we aim to provide students with a broad and balanced set of skills, attitudes and competencies to enable them to be successful in learning and life.

Our Vision, Mission and Values: 

Omanu Kids, Learners with Aroha and Mana

At Omanu we have four House Whānau Groups.

He waka eke noa

We are all in this together